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Losing a dog can be a traumatic experience. Or you found a dead stray dog; in that case, it’s essential to dispose of the carcasses being mindful of the public health and the environment, as the remains could contaminate water sources, etc. There is no doubt that animals have a right on this earth as much as we humans do, therefore, they deserve a proper burial as well. We realize that you must be saturated with emotions at the sight of losing your pet dog. Many dog owners feel overwhelmed and uncertain as to what the next steps should be. Therefore, we have carefully devised the steps and ways you can humanely dispose of a dead dog:


Until the preparation for burial is made, you would need to keep the body of the dog cool. This is important so that the body doesn’t decay and produces the smell. You can wrap the body of a dog in a blanket and put ice packs on top, or move it to a colder place like the concrete floor of your basement or garage.
You can bury the dog in your backyard but for that, you would need to call your lender to ensure that burying a pet is legal on your property. After that is checked, grab a shovel and dig a hole at least 3 feet deep to prevent scavengers from digging it up and to prevent odors. You can also lay heavy objects like stones and plant pots over it to prevent other animals from digging up the body. Use a cardboard box and lay your dog in it, if it’s small enough to fit in, and bury it. If your dog is big, bury it bare. The bacteria and fungi in the soil will decompose the body and take care of it.
Another option is the burial in cemetery specifically designated for animals. Make sure to find one using the internet or maps. The cemetery designates a plot for the burial and suggests that you use a box or a coffin for burial.
While coming across a dead stray dog, make sure not to touch the dog with your bare hands for fear of catching an infection. Use gloves to move the dead dog, and follow the same burial method preferably in a cemetery. You can also call the animal services and sanitation department for the removal.


Another way you can dispose of your dog is to cremate the body using an incinerator. Call your local animal shelter or take your deceased dog to a vet, they would recommend pet cremation service or take care of the disposing of the body themselves. You can choose to collect the ashes, keep them with you or scatter them according to your preference. Disposal using incineration is sometimes required by state laws for fear of specific diseases that might break out if the animals are buried.


If you feel uncertain about any step or can’t take care of the disposal, make sure to call your local animal services. They would assist you and take care of the process.
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