Getting Rid of Birds on the Patio


Patio in your house is designed to enhance the beauty of your house. It could be utilized for relaxing and enjoying the weather or the beauty of nature. It could give you a pleasant time out of your tiered day. But birds always play their role by messing your patio by pooping on it or making their nests over there. All this can destroy your happy and soothing mood and sometimes when you are enjoying there with your friends; it could be an embracing moment for you when they come to encounter birds’ feces there.

Keeping the birds away from the patio

Birds are cute and beautiful, but they could be so messy at times. Their unnecessary presence at almost all places could be a big trouble for you. Especially in your comfort times, that is on your patios. To hinder them from creating a mess out of your quality time, following some preventive measures could be ensured. The birds will head towards your patio for two main reasons; firstly, in search of their food and if they once got their food from your patio they will never forget that place and keep coming towards it, again and again, the second reason could be of their roosting, if they found any place on your patio that could be utilized as their roosting, they will make their nests, stay over there, lay their eggs and start their long lives with families on your patios. So the most effective measure that could keep them away would be to;
Remove any sort of items from your patio that could be served as the food for the birds. For example use insects killing sprays thoroughly, don't place any leftovers on your patios, cut down any grown bushes or leaves around your patio, etc.
The other method as mentioned above could be to make their roosting impossible for them to handle, it could be made possible by uninstalling any sort of objects from your patios that could serve as the nests for birds, and installing the substances that could disturb, distract or frighten them. Like they are afraid of owls or other carnivore birds or animals like cats etc, putting the dummies of those animals or petting a cat on your patio could help you, or distracting the birds by producing unnecessary sounds or installing hinders in way of their homes would be beneficial too.

Halting birds from pooping on the patio

The only way you can hinder the birds to poop on your patio is you keep them away from it. When there will no birds on the patio there will be no problem of their feces, otherwise, it could not be possible to stop them from pooping in any way.


Your messy or untidy patio would be enough to spoil your mood and your house's image, so it is very important to keep it clean and beautiful and this is impossible in the presence of birds. You should be acknowledged of the ways to get rid of birds and should imply them accurately.

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